Elsa & Emilie - Ocean (TikTok slowed)

  • Исполнитель: Elsa & Emilie
  • Песня: Ocean (TikTok slowed)
  • Размер MP3: 11.5 МБ
  • Длительность MP3: 5:00
  • Качество MP3: 320 kbps
  • Дата релиза: 15-07-2021, 10:04
  • Кол-во скачиваний: 83 раз(а)
Elsa & Emilie - Ocean (TikTok slowed)
Elsa & Emilie - Ocean (TikTok slowed)
Текст песни Elsa & Emilie - Ocean (TikTok slowed)
I used to want your bad
Now I've had what I wanted
With money on my mind
I'm doing time, by the ocean

I still have my car
I go too far
You take me there
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And if I give it up, will you pick me up?
Take me there

I'm headed home
I told you so
I told you so, so why are we not moving no more?
I'm headed home
Let them know
I said, I'm going, I'm going, I'm going