DaBaby - Red Light Green Light

  • Исполнитель: DaBaby
  • Песня: Red Light Green Light
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  • Длительность MP3: 2:54
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  • Дата релиза: 06-07-2021, 20:43
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DaBaby - Red Light Green Light
DaBaby - Red Light Green Light
Текст песни DaBaby - Red Light Green Light
i'm fuckin' a bitch in my g-nikes (let's go)
i hop out with that stick with that beam, like
my partner want see somethin' killed, that's what he like (someone die)
so the first nigga tried gon' tell g, "hi"
i been 'bout that motherfuckin' sack since a knee-high (since a knee)
this is a nappy-haired, black, afro'ed peon (let's go)
i have emotion, i'm primetime like deion
now she throw it, i'll snatch from the behind (huh)
hol' up, look at the fit on him (look at the fit)
go get the tissue, there's shit on him (shit)
lie for me, die for me, kill for me (shit)
dick in the butt, though, she lick on me (okay)
i told her, "bae, show me you love me" (okay, show me, baby)
"let 'em know out in public" (let 'em know)
"uh-huh, let 'em know why we fuckin'"
they try me and go down, and know why i'm comin' (doot, doot, doot)
yuh, rich ass stepper (bitch, the biggest)
white seats, bitch, that's leather (white seats)
i wanna fuck her and her friend
all her birds are the same feather
they flock together (let's go)
i'm dangerous, they probably tell you (what they say?)
"don't play with him," they 'bout whatever (don't play)
uh, i get in there, she say i'm precious (get in there)
anywhere, anytime, bitch, whoever
but hold up
baby, probably in a fast car
ridin' with the cap off (zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom)
pull off with a bad broad
think a nigga got here cappin'
i am not these rappers
you gon' have to cap ya ass off and back on that big homie (park it)
hop out that bitch, whip that shit on 'em
pull my dick out, sit me down and she sit on it (okay)
give them niggas a green light, they gon' get on 'em