TWICE - CRY FOR ME (English Ver.)

  • Исполнитель: TWICE
  • Песня: CRY FOR ME (English Ver.)
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TWICE - CRY FOR ME (English Ver.)
TWICE - CRY FOR ME (English Ver.)
Текст песни TWICE - CRY FOR ME (English Ver.)
I know our love ain't anything to fight for
But I'll never break out of the cycle
I don't really wanna let you go
Never let go
You don't know me
L-O-V-E or hatred
Hit you with a smile, not goodbye
All the while I'll be sure to leave you wonderin'

Oh, on the outside I'll be all calm
Baby no more real love
Imma pretend we're going strong
Then at the end, break your heart
Bad boy, bad boy
Yeah you really make me a mad girl, mad girl

I want you to cry, cry for me
Thе way I cried for you, baby, cry for me
Make your rain fall, cry for mе
But again
Somehow you keep me goin' round and round
All the walls I built around me come crashin' down
Makin' excuses, gotta drown 'em out
I want you to, I want you to, I want you to cry for me