Monsta X - Secrets

  • Исполнитель: Monsta X
  • Песня: Secrets
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  • Длительность MP3: 3:21
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Monsta X - Secrets
Monsta X - Secrets
Текст песни Monsta X - Secrets
Hey, hey girl, hmm
Do you wanna tell me something?(um-eh-eh)

You're sipping from my glass of whiskey, and
They're playin' Whitney from the 90s, yeah
Under the red light at our table, eh
Why don't we stop the pointless convo

Wish I could read your mind (I do)
Don't wanna waste this time (it's true)
Tell me what's behind those eyes? (Yeah, you)
I wanna start tonight, no, no, no more lies

(I got secrets)
Tell me what you want
Tell me how to hold ya (Hold ya)
(Dirty little secrets)
And I'll tell you something good
That I never told ya (Told ya)
Baby, you got me feeling high
So would you please give me a sign? (Ohh will you)
Tell me what you want now, the night is over (over)
What's your secret?

Postin' on the couch, yeh my daily routine
Ain't no clothes, yeah, that's what I need
You want me to slide to your side? (Slide)
Tell me then how many times, hah
I want one, two, three to the four
We go up to the sky on the board
Flying high, yeah, it's a good vibe
Everyday, you're my surprise